Welcome to our CSC 101

In this learning resource, we will help you to become a programmer. There won’t be any stuff that is too hard to handle for you. After doing all the activities that we deliver to you, you can make a decision about you are interested in coding or not. In the feature, when you want to apply for a University, you can decide whether to choose computer science to be your major or not.

Our target students

First of all, our teaching target is k-12 level students, so we will set the teaching environment to be relatively relaxed and pleasant. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we will adopt an online teaching model by using PPT and opened.ca website to show our students what all the stuff that they need to learn. The reason why we choose relatively young students is also very simple, because in the future when they grow up, ARTIFICIAL intelligence will substantially replace the existing basic labour force. In order for them to have better prospects in the future, it is important to lay the foundation of programming for them from an early age. Getting kids to learn programming early on is critical for their future.

How to help more students in need to be involved in their studies

We chose to use YouTube videos and easy to understand text teaching, in order to enable more students to clearly understand our content. Considering that our students may have special circumstances, for example, they are English language learners or loss hearing. When they use Youtube to watch the videos, they can choose to turn on the subtitles. They also can choose the language of the subtitles. We also try to make our materials as simple as possible, in order to help them to understand. If they still have problems with our materials, they can use google translate to help them.

About us

We are three Computer Science students and one Economics student from UVic. Although we are in different majors, we all love programming. We want to help those young students who are interested in computer science.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us by email! We are willing to help you to answer all the questions

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